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MapView is a free-to-download Windows® raster map viewing program.

Using free data available via the Ordnance Survey's OpenData™ initiative, KAS Software has created maps, height data and gazetteers for Britain and beyond. Some can be downloaded free, others are available for purchase.

MapView can be used with a wealth of free mapping data from the internet. For example: with height and map data from the OS OpenData project it allows for map & 3D views of most parts of Britain (see the image below); USGS geotiffs and the USGS National Elevation Dataset combined allow the same for the entire US; Canadian geoTIFFs and DEMs provide extensive coverage of Canada; other countries have patchier data availability.

We can also supply USGS geotiff quadrangle files, which are themselves freely available for download from numerous US state and government websites (there's a comprehensive list of internet geoTIFF resources elsewhere on this site). There are some sample composite maps (and matching elevation data), created by merging these original geotiff files, available for free download on this site.

Above and below are screenshots from mapView. Above is an OpenGL view of a USGS 1:24,000 scale GeoTIFF of somewhere draped over USGS NED elevation data. Below a further map created from USGS data. All maps were created by KAS Software and use our open specification gdf map file format.

MapView can also show maps in 3D using directX. These maps are again in gdf format, but contain extra information to support a Level of Detail (LOD) approach to the display of large 3D maps, and allow for quite a convincing fly-through of the terrain.

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KAS Software Ltd provides digital mapping, software development and troubleshooting consultancy services, for Unix, Linux, Windows & embedded systems.

Any type of C programming work can be undertaken for any platform, simply contact info@KASsoftware.com

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